5 practical things to do ahead of labour and birth…

Pack hospital bag

This is probably already at the top of your to do list and I am going to dedicate a post to just this. The first thing to do is plan what bags you will be taking- one for you, one for baby and one for your birth partner perhaps? I have just ordered some travel storage bags from amazon which are going to be perfect for organising all the bits for both me and the baby. Get them here: i-Sure 7Pcs Flamingo Waterproof Travel Storage Bags Clothes Packing Cube Luggage Organizer Pouch

Pack labour kit

This bag will come to the hospital or birth centre with you too but it is handy to keep your bits for labour separate because you will need them at home. Some ideas for this bag: Microwave heat pads, TENS machine, paracetamol, snacks and a drink. Little tip: a clear bag will make it easier to access everything. This bag from Amazon is ideal for this: Eono by Amazon – Clear Tote Bag Transparent Bag Large Toiletry Bag Clear Crossbody Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Zipper Closure, Perfect for Stadium, Work, Sports Games, Leisure Occasion.

Plan childcare and pet care

Make a plan for your other children and your pets. If your children are in a nursery or school make arrangements so that other key people are allowed to pick them up if you cant. Pick a safe space to hide a spare house key too in case you need anyone to be able to get into your house to pick up something you have forgotten or to take care of your pets.

Write birth plan

I have read loads of advice on this and the key thing I have picked up on is to keep it simple in both content and format. Midwives want easy to read birth plans that are clear on your main wants and needs. Include your basic information and then plans for pain relief, environment, delivery and post delivery. It is worth trying to keep an open mind as some things will likely have to change.

Prep birth partner

Go through your birth plan with your birth partner and talk to them about your wishes. They will have to advocate for you if you cant so ensure they are clear on what you want. A couple of extra things I will be telling my husband is to take lots of photos and to wait until I can be involved to call family and friends.

Plan route to hospital or birth centre

It’s a good idea to practice the trip, plan other routes incase of road closures and figure out where you are supposed to park when you arrive. Also make sure your car is filled up, the baby car seat is installed and you have a towel and cushion in the car for your trips to and from the hospital.

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Mum to two boys and pregnant with a baby girl- sharing my journey to becoming a mum of three! All the tips and tricks and chat about how we get through these crazy days.

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